Why WoundAide?
  • WoundAide is a compact handheld digital technology that allows non-contact capture of 3D image and data. Objective data are automatically derived to aid medical professionals to track and monitor wound progress over time. Accurate data collection reduces multiple user variability and inconsistency in manual wound measurement & documentation.
  • WoundAide helps to boost productivity with effortless digital wound documentation. Precise and objective trending empowers clinical decision making.
Can I use a WoundAide device without a user login?

For data security & privacy purposes, only authenticated users can use WoundAide to perform wound capture on a patient.

Do I require a network connection to use WoundAide?
  • Wifi connectivity is required for secure user login and data synchronization to WoundAide Console. 
  • WoundAide operates independently without reliance on network for regular operations such as wound image capture & wound documentation. 
  • Daily data synchronization to Woundaide Console is recommended.
Where is data stored?
  • We offer multiple data solutions which include on premise network configuration or storage via our cloud environments. All cloud infrastructure & storage options are secure with full data encryption.
  • We’ll explore what’s best for you as part of our initial WoundAide consultation.
Can WoundAide be integrated with an existing Electronic Records System?
  • WoundAide can work either as a standalone system or be integrated with PACS & other Electronic Records Systems.
  • Our software support team will work with you to understand system requirements to create an effective integration solution.
Can I customize reporting?

WoundAide reporting is configurable. Our solutions team can help adapt reporting to suit the specific needs of your organization

How is the report/s shared?

WoundAide report/s can be shared through configured email addresses or sent to any AirPrint* compatible printers.

*AirPrint is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. Applicable with AirPrint compatible printers only. Please refer to Apple website for details.

Must I use the WoundAide device in order to view the captured wound images, data and reports?

Captured wound images, data & reports generated can be viewed through any mobile devices or computers, using our web-based portal.

How often does WoundAide needs to be calibrated?
  • There is no specific period for calibration. WoundAide should be calibrated whenever misalignment or distortion is detected in the images. Calibration helps ensure accuracy.
How do I clean my WoundAide device?

There is no special cleaning requirement for Woundaide unless stipulated by the environment by which it will be used. Basic cleaning requirements can be carried out using dry cloth or isopropyl alcohol 70% wipes or any medical-grade disinfectant wipes for equipment.