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WoundAide Solutions

WoundAide™ 3D technology provides precise, objective & consistent wound measurement. Captured wound data, combined with standardized 3D digital wound images & documentation allows a multi-discipline approach in wound management, improving healthcare professional performance. 

Accurate wound monitoring trends aid timely interventions to evaluate the efficacy of the treatment plan, facilitating the best clinical outcome.

Wound images & data can be shared securely yet effortlessly and remotely with multiple clinicians, patients & families across various institutes, improve quality care experience through patient-centric care. 

WoundAide Console provides an intuitive dashboard view of entire patient population with wound, data and reports  to assist informed wound care clinical decision.

Designed with institution’s security and patients’ data confidentiality in mind, WoundAide allows on-premise hosted solution as well as cloud-based solutions.

Current Challenges

  • Treatment of chronic wounds and the burden is growing rapidly due to increasing health care costs, an aging population, and a sharp rise in the incidence of diabetes and obesity worldwide.
  • The multi-disciplinary approach in Wound Management requires a Holistic Approach to improve overall patient treatment
  • The challenges in understaffed healthcare institutes hold back frequent wound assessment report on monitoring wound healing. Additionally, manual wound assessment is often time-consuming, inaccurate & inconsistent due to subjective measuring & tracing techniques in multiple user variability.
  • Manual data entries are tedious and laborious. Wound image captures and sharing using multiple personal devices are unfavorable, often breaching personal data and personal acts.

Bringing the Standardization of Wound Care
from Hospital to Home